Thursday 30 June 2016

Wine of the Month - June 2016

This month's WOTM was taken from a recent tasting. Kaiken Wines is the Argentinian arm of Chilean-based Montes Wines, headed by winemakers Aurelio Montes Jr. and Rogelio Rabino. This was an interesting bottle because it was made entirely from Cabernet Franc, touted as the next big thing from Argentina. Total acreage is still low - according to a report from Decanter earlier this year only about 700 ha of the country's 200,000 ha of vineyards are planted with this variety. Aurelio Montes Jr. says that Cabernet Franc represents the "feminine side of Argentina". Compared to Malbec, it is more "refined and elegant, a little lighter in the mouth but with lots of complexity".

Wine: Kaiken Obertura 2014 

Tasting note: The second vintage of this wine produced by Kaiken. Deep ruby appearance with Mediterranean herbs, tobacco, a floral accent and light gaminess. Flavours on the palate reveal red cranberry and dark fruits, with perfect ripeness. It all adds up to an elegant tapestry of flavours and a very good showing for this variety.

Sustainability and future-proofing – A tasting with Aurelio Montes Jr.

Producer: Montes Wines, Kaiken Wines

When Aurelio Montes Jr. crossed the border from Chile to Argentina to manage Kaiken Wines, he thought that he would throw a barbeque with the aim of getting to know his new neighbours. So he budgeted according to a typical meal in his native country; with some empanadas, side dishes and 250gm of meat per person. Within half an hour of his guests arriving however, all the meat was gone, and that was when he learnt; “If you want to invite someone home, you have to prepare one kilo of meat per person. Doesn’t matter if it’s man, woman, or child. And forget about salad.”